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How To Play River Flows In You On Piano

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River Flows In You is a beautiful piano piece with a lot of emotion and passion. It's without a doubt the most popular and arguably the best piece written by South Korean composer and pianist Yiruma.

It's one of those songs that captivates you from the beginning to the end. A beautiful lyrical composition.

River Flows In You comes from the Yiruma's album First Love released in December 2001.

Is it difficult to learn? The answer depends on your current skill level. Try it and see how it goes. For A to Z piano instructions see Learn & Master Piano.

Video Tutorial:

Here is a neat step by step video tutorial on how To Play River Flows In You on piano. Everything is explained and shown in a very clear and understanding manner. The whole song is covered. Here is the video:

And here is a live performance of River Flows in You by Yiruma himself:

About Yiruma:

  • Name: Yiruma

  • Birth Date: February 15, 1978

  • Birth Place: Seoul, Korea

  • Profession: Pianist, composer, producer

  • Albums: First Love (2001), Love scene (2001), Doggy Poo's OST (2002), Oasis (2002), From The #FF0000 Room (2003), Destiny Of Love (2005), Missing you (2009), Movement On A Theme (2009)

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