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How To Play "How To Save A Life" On Piano

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Want to learn how to play How To Save a Life on piano? I don't blame you, it's one of the most beautiful songs ever made. Sad and inspiring at the same time.

How To Save A Life is a song composed and performed by a piano rock band The Fray. It was released in 2005 on their debut album of the same name. The song quickly gained worldwide popularity and was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance in 2007.

It was featured on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, and many other TV series: Scrubs, Superstition, The Hills, and Cold Case just to name a few.

Video Tutorial:

Here is a nice step by step video tutorial on how to play How To Save A Life on piano. It comes in two parts. The first focuses on the main riff and the second goes over the chorus and the bridge.

Is it difficult to learn? The answer depends on your current skill level. Try it and see how it goes. If you want A to Z piano instructions see Learn & Master Piano.

About The Fray:

  • Origin: Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Genre: Pop rock, piano rock

  • Years active: from 2002

  • Influenced by: U2, Cold Play, Counting Crows

  • Members: Isaac Slade (vocals, piano), Joe King (guitar, vocals), Ben Wysocki (drums), Dave Welsh (guitar)

  • Albums: How to Save a Life (2005), The Fray (2009)

  • Website: www.thefray.net
Now that you know how to play How To Save a Life, what's next? If you really want to improve your piano skills, take a look at here.

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